Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My First Doll

This is the first doll that I ever made.  He is a Pilgrim, the result of a class project in second grade.  He is made of newspaper and painted white, most likely with tempera paint.  My classmates made clothes for their Pilgrims from construction paper, but my teacher, who knew that my mother was teaching me to sew, suggested that I sew an outfit for my Pilgrim.  And so I did.

The construction is a bit primitive.  The seams are all on the outside, with very large stitches.  There are no hems, but the pants do have cuffs.  He sports a construction paper belt with a very large buckle, as well as collar and cuffs that once were white.

My poor dear Pilgrim is rather dilapidated, but considering that he is nearly 60 years old, he has every right to be.  There once was also a Pilgrim woman, a helpmate for my Pilgrim man, but she was lost in time.  The Pilgrim man survived, a treasure from my childhood, the first in a long line of dolls that I have loved.

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